The project

As an internship I traveled to the other side of the world to help out the American Windsurfing Tour (now IWT) on Cape Hatteras and Maui Hawai’i. This still is the biggest wave sailing contest in the world. I did branding and design work, video’s and the event photography.

My job

During this 3 month period I was mostly a self starting and operating one man army. I scheduled my time on and around event days creating online content and developed my skillset in the meantime.

Above is the event brochure I designed, containing the event schedule, a small map, and all sponsors.

New in 2012 was the Champions for Charity heat. An expression session with all the big names in windsurfing, like Robby Naish, Josh Stone, Jason Polakow and many more. I designed a logo based on the AWT logo and made a poster to get the word out on the street.

On event days I did some video interviews with the pro riders about their gear setup for the day. Filming and editing were done by me. Interviewer is Katie McAnena.