Digital Chefs

About the project

Digital Chefs is the one-stop shop for custom Learning & Development solutions, Performance support applications and Serious games. Working there, I designed and developed a new branding for all of the digital products and touchepoints.

The problem

Over the last couple of years. Digital Chefs grew into the custom Learning & Development space more and more. The branding was too standard and a bit old fashioned to differentiate from the competition and to distinguish the innovative and custom nature of the company.

The solution

A modern new brand that feels both corporate and custom at the same time.
All supported by a Design System, consisting of both recognisable and flexibel components to effortlessly be used on the web, apps, desktop dashboards and socials.


– Branding: A brand that is modern, while feeling custom and friendly.
– Design System: A strong foundation which supports all digital touch-points.
– Webdesign: A fresh website that showcases the unique projects and skills.