About the project

Every year over 100.000 serious accidents occur. The first 15 minutes are the most essential in chances of survival and prevention of long term effects. The First15 Personal Aid Kit contains all essential items needed and includes clear instructions that anyone can follow to provide first aid until professional medical help arrives.
Together with the founders. I set out to design and develop the brand and all of its product and digital components.

The problem

Of course there are many First Aid Kits on the market and the AED is thankfully getting more and more known as a first aid tool. But a First Aid kit mostly helps for small, low threat injuries and and AED only works together wit CPR.
That’s where the First15 Personal Aid Kit comes in. A kit with everything you need in case of a life threatening situation, with instructions that can be used by everyone.

The solution

After research, testing and based on lots of field experience at First15 a single-use Personal Aid Kit was designed and put in to production. Featuring highest-quality content, the First15 Tourniquet and a thoroughly designed instructions flashcard, that can be used by anyone, no medical training required.


– Branding: A strong, modern brand. That makes first aid approachable.
– Product design: A product that is meticulously designed on all levels.
– Instructional illustration: A manual for live-saving actions that anyone can follow.